Back to Earth

October 3, 2006

I had one of those moments today where you find out you did something really stupid and it causes other people problems. I’ve had a few little projects flip-flopping in importance at work. A couple of report families, some software maintenance tasks, and a big project. Last week we finally deployed all of my reports, I’ve been working on these off-and-on since May. My reports were not very complex but having to start and stop working on them so often left me unorganized for my deployment. Along with these reports I had to setup several new tables, stored procedures, functions, and a trigger in our production database. I have a decent amount of experience with tables, a little with stored procedures, even less with user-defined functions and none with triggers.

Today I found out that my trigger was keeping our sales and marketing department from making some necessary changes to some of the products we sell. Oops! One of their guys contacted our IS Help-desk who forwarded the bug on to our senior-most developer. I doubt it took him long to track down but it turned out that I had been trying to access a non-existent temp. table in my trigger. I remember thinking I was surprised that my trigger parsed because I was unsure about my use of that temp. table, but I forgot about it soon after. Once he fixed my trigger sales and marketing were able to finish their work and move on.

So now that I’ve seen what I did wrong and the havoc it caused I feel nice and stupid now. Of course this feeling will fade soon, well, as long as those coworkers of mine that read this blog don’t tease me about it, but it still sucks.