Beginning to play with AJAX

January 22, 2007

A couple of weekends back I started toying around with AJAX. I’ve heard about it and read about it but didn’t really have an idea what it actually was. Frankly, I still don’t understand it well enough to start imagining possible ways I can use it. That’s okay though since I have no use for it now anyway. What I’ve learned so far is AJAX is best suited for WebApps that need to process data or talk to a database and the transaction will take a while. This is not something I have a use for personally and it’s not all that useful at work either. I really like the premise but I need to search harder for some good examples so I can really wrap my brain around it.

I did find two very basic pages that were very useful for creating my test pages. I will try to link those when I have some time to find them.